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About the project

Living in a 1880’s semidetached property in New Malden with their sons, Angus and Caroline had already converted their loft to give them a much needed en-suite bedroom. Now they wanted to do a kitchen/diner extension to open up the rear of their property.

By doing a joint planning application with their neighbour they managed to achieve a larger extension than they could through permitted development, and having received approval from the local authority they needed a builder. Their neighbour was doing a project that was the mirror image of their extension and although the suggestion was made to get a quote from the same builder, Angus and Caroline at least wanted some comparable prices.

Having seen a glowing review on the Kingston Council intranet regarding J Build they decided to call up for a quote. As a property professional Angus really appreciated the level of detail and amount of information that J Build were prepared to provide right from the start and made the decision to appoint them for the project.

The end result was a beautiful extension in keeping with the existing property and Angus and Caroline were so happy with the work that they asked J Build to refurbish the first floor bathroom and construct a patio in the garden as well as the extension itself.