The Planning Phase

Existing premises needs a change

To suit your requirements, your house or premises needs modernising, altering or additional space is needed.

You need to have building works completed, which requires a design, approvals, a builder, fixtures and fittings. We will guide you through this whole process towards successful delivery of the entire project.

Based on your drawings or concept we can estimate the build costs for your proposal. We'll also advise you on your overall budget for costs such as fees, fixtures and fittings etc.

When all costs have been identified, we assist you with an initial feasibility study for your project. This ensures your ideas meet your needs regarding the anticipated size, scope, price and timescale of the project.

The Design Phase

You'll meet the designer to discuss and agree your building proposals. Then a measured survey of your property will be carried out and the design team can formally develop your building concept drawings.
Once drawings are available, we can double check cost estimates to make sure that everything is accurate. We can also verify with you that nothing has changed from what was expected at the concept stage.
When you are completely happy with the building proposals a Planning Application will be submitted to the Local Authority. They usually return with a decision within 8 weeks.

We'll identify any matters beyond planning permission and offer solutions through our network of approved specialists. These include Party Wall Agreement, Local Bylaw Compliance, Utility Provider needs etc.

The Planning Department will issue a decision on your proposals. If refused there is the option to appeal or re-work drawings with the Architect. If approved, congratulations you have permission to build!
Before work can start, the Architect and Structural Engineer will provide any necessary technical building drawings and structural calculations. This is usually completed after Planning Permission is granted.

The Build Phase

Once all the paperwork is in place, including Planning, Building control, Party Wall etc. we are ready to start work. A pre-commencement meeting with the build team will help clear up any final questions.
Work begins with demolition and structural work, altering the configuration/size of a property. We generally stick to the drawings but occasionally we suggest and discuss improvements with the client.


The finishing works can include installation of fixtures and fittings, preparations for decoration and cleaning up the property ready for completion and occupation.
Welcome to your beautiful new and improved home - we hope you enjoy it!